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Summer in Tunisia, what to do in this season

The Tunisian territory, a beautiful place worth visiting in any season, is not to be missed during the summer months. Summer in Tunisia, loved both by locals and those who have already spent a vacation there, is a period during which you can enjoy unforgettable days, taking in all the scenic beauty and the various leisure and relaxation opportunities the area has to offer. The summer months in Tunisia are described as a true blend of beauty, joy, and serenity. Anyone deciding to spend their summer in Tunisia will have the opportunity to enjoy the warm and healthy sea climate, which has also led to the opening of several thalassotherapy centers, a must-visit when you decide to spend a vacation in Tunisia.

Beaches, sun, and relaxation

The beaches and seaside resorts where you can spend a summer vacation in Tunisia are numerous. The blue and always clean sea and the long sandy beaches make a vacation in Tunisia a wonderful time to focus on yourself and enjoy moments of pure and absolute relaxation. The blue sea, besides the opportunity to swim, also offers the chance to engage in various water sports, thanks to the presence of animators and instructors at organized beaches who keep tourists entertained.

Tunisia is currently one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations during the summer months. The great fame of the Tunisian territory and the reason for its charm lies in the possibility of enjoying both intense relaxation and vibrant social life, thanks to the presence of nightclubs, shopping spots, and streets always bustling with people.

Tunisia in summer also transforms into an ideal place for fantastic evenings in good company. The presence of numerous night spots such as discos, pubs, restaurants, indoor or outdoor clubs, and many seaside lounge bars allows all tourists to experience very lively Tunisian nights, filled with music and colors, all about joy and fun.

The Tunisian beach season is very favorable as it is not only characterized by warm weather but is also quite long. Thanks to its particularly favorable latitude, Tunisia can boast a beach season that runs from May until the last days of October. Besides well-known seaside resorts like Bizerte, Nabeul, Monastir, Gabes, Tabarka, and many others, a summer in Tunisia also offers the opportunity to discover unknown and sometimes poetic beaches, often located in hidden coves, unusual rocks, or cliffs. Not only the sea but also the Tunisian countryside offers the chance for an unforgettable summer vacation. In the countryside, many farms have been transformed into agritourisms, where every summer many tourists desire to get close to nature. In art cities, you can stay in ancient mansions with courtyards and colonnades, enjoying the architectural beauty of the country.

For those who want an active vacation, there is the opportunity to engage in off-road explorations of the Sahara and the inland areas of Tunisia, in addition to practicing water sports on the beach. In the northern areas, rich in the offshoots of the Atlas Mountain Range, the beaches alternate with rocky promontories famous for archaeological evidence of Roman domination, where you can go hiking.

Discovering cultural riches

Among the many places to spend the summer in Tunisia, La Marsa, Tabarka, and Sousse are particularly recommended by those who have already visited them, rich and important from a historical point of view. For a real dive into history, Tunis becomes a mandatory stop, with its historical center full of countless architectural beauties. El-Jem, an ideal place for Roman history enthusiasts, offers the opportunity to visit a beautiful Colosseum, located near Mahdia and only slightly smaller than the Colosseum in the Italian capital.

The cultural richness of Tunisia is also highlighted by places like the Site of Carthage, the Bardo Museums of Sousse or Tunis, with the most beautiful mosaic collections in the world, Dougga, Bulla Regia, and Makthar, located in northern Tunisia. For the little ones, a wonderful attraction is the Friguia Zoological Park, located near Hammamet, where all the animals live in a state of semi-freedom.


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