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Autumn in Tunisia, what to do in this season

Tunisia is a fantastic place to visit in any season, offering beautiful resources throughout the year. However, autumn in Tunisia is a special season because, besides the generally sunny weather, those who choose to travel to Tunisia in the autumn will find very advantageous pricesSpending a vacation in Tunisia during the autumn months means you can enjoy long walks on the beach, sea excursions, and various water sports.

The end of the summer season does not usually coincide with September but rather with November or December, months during which the sun remains very strong and temperatures can even reach peaks of 30 degrees. For these reasons, the beach season becomes even more enjoyable, also because after the summer months, the beaches start to be less crowded and consequently quieter.

Geographically, to enjoy a pleasant autumn in Tunisia, the best and most appreciated areas by tourists are Tozeur and Nefta, both located in southern Tunisia, halfway between the Atlas Mountains and the empty space of the desert. Tozeur has become an important commercial and political center in Tunisia over the years. The heart of the ancient city, much loved by tourists from various parts of the world, is the Ouled Haddef district. Nefta, located a few kilometers from nearby Tozeur, is known as the oasis city at the gates of the Sahara. Considered the second most important sacred place in Tunisia, Nefta is also a famous pilgrimage destination.

The possibilities that the entire Tunisian territory offers its tourists during the autumn season are certainly numerous. For this reason, we will explore in the following paragraphs the activities you can engage in when you decide to spend an autumn vacation in Tunisia.

The season of excursions

The autumn season is certainly ideal for fantastic excursions through the country’s unspoiled territories and for exploring the Sahara desert, rich in green oases, mountains, and fantastic sand dunes. The wonder of excursions in the Sahara is also given by the possibility of exploring it on the back of a Mehari or using motorcycles, 4x4s, or quads, staying in direct contact with nature.

Autumn in Tunisia is also ideal for those who are passionate about hunting because, both at the edges of the southern oases and in the northern Mediterranean landscapes, they will have the opportunity to hunt abundant game.

Tunisian spa and thalassotherapy centers

Besides its rich cultural heritage and beautiful crystal-clear waters, Tunisia is also an important destination for thalassotherapy. Thalassotherapy is a particular type of therapy based on the healing action of the climate and sea waters. Tunisia boasts a long tradition in the therapeutic use of waters, evidenced by the presence of ancient thermal buildings.

Many tourists who choose to spend an autumn period in Tunisia often visit spas and thalassotherapy centers. These centers offer the opportunity to enjoy time and healthy relaxation. The offers, periodically renewed, include state-of-the-art aesthetic medicine, various muscle strengthening or relaxation techniques, and the possibility of experiencing relaxing and energizing massages. In Tunisia, the concept of well-being plays a fundamental role, so much so that from north to south, there are many hotels equipped with wellness centers.

Paradise for music lovers

The autumn months in Tunisia are ideal for music lovers who can’t live without it. Tunisia, an African paradise, has a particularly festive atmosphere with numerous traditions and celebrations.

The Tunisian autumn offers a large number of music festivals, featuring various genres of music suitable for different tastes. For example, at the Acropolium of Carthage, “Musical October” takes place every year, a festival highly appreciated by classical music lovers.

Fans of electronic music can participate in a famous annual event known as “Les Dunes Electroniques,” held in the Sahara desert. Those passionate about traditional Mediterranean music and songs can attend the “Musiqât” festival at the Baron d’Erlanger Palace in Sidi Bou Said.

Another well-known musical event in Tunisia is the Guitar Festival. This is actually a spring event, held every year in the capital during the first days of March.


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