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Winter in Tunisia, what to do in this season

Thanks to its mild and particularly favorable temperatures throughout the year, Tunisia is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable winter in Tunisia. The Tunisian winter climate is ideal for a vacation because the intense summer heat gives way to mild and sunny days. These sunny days provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy long walks and spend time with friends and family in moments of intense and healthy relaxation. From November to March, for example, you might decide to visit the Tunisian desert, staying in one of the many hotels with pools located in desert areas.

For nature lovers, winter in Tunisia is the ideal time for long walks during which you can also admire flocks of birds from northern regions. Tunisia is known for being one of the most important “migration corridors” and boasts a beautiful park, the Ichkeul National Park, which is a must-see if you are fascinated by nature. Ichkeul National Park comprises a 90 km² lake and is one of the most important parks in all of North Africa, serving as a passage for a large number of migratory birds. Also well-known for migratory bird passage is The Gulf of Gabès, with the Kerkennah archipelago and the islands of Djerba.

Walks and museum visits

The winter months spent in the Tunisian territory can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy long walks, get lost in the Medina, and visit important museums. Tunisia is rich in museums, each interesting for different reasons. Particularly appreciated by those who have already visited is the Bardo National Museum, located on the western outskirts of Tunis. This is an archaeological museum that houses the most important collection of Roman mosaics in the world. A famous historical museum is the El Jem Museum, where you can admire immense mosaics, all from the excavations of ancient Thysdrus. An alternative to museum visits is a trip to the Tunisian Sahara, which during the winter months becomes an ideal place for rallying, raids, motorbike rides, 4×4 tours, and quad biking.

Winter in Tunisia is also the perfect season to indulge in a relaxing vacation. During the winter months, you can easily decide to visit a spa or a thalassotherapy center, places loved by tourists from all over the world.

Besides being the land of the sun, the sea, and many migratory birds, Tunisia is also a very ancient land, known for its many ruins and fantastic archaeological sites, which are not to be missed on sunny winter days.

Winter in Tunisia, it is worth noting, is also a period enriched by tourism-driven events. A rather clear example is New Year’s Eve. Although New Year’s Eve is not celebrated and is not considered a holiday in Islamic countries, in Tunisia, due to tourism, the night of New Year’s Eve becomes festive, with restaurants and venues organizing themed dinners and evenings. The venues that Tunisia generally offers are numerous, and a winter afternoon in Tunisia, especially if rainy, could be spent in one of the many bars or clubs in Tunisia, sitting comfortably at your table and enjoying a coffee or hot chocolate in good company.


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