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Increase in tourism

Very comforting data arrive regarding the increase in tourism in Tunisia, these are the numbers declared by the Tunisian national tourism office (ONTT). The stats

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Trains to Tozeur

Fascinated by the notes sung by Alice and Battiato, surely there will be something in Tozeur that will capture our hearts. A retro journey, where history and nature bewitch travelers, among mirages and dates of one of the first oases of the Sahara.

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From Tunis to Hammamet

Our tips on how to reach Hammamet from Tunis. From Tunis to Hammamet, by car, there is little more than 65 kilometers to travel on the beautiful A1 , the highway that runs from Cairo, the capital of Egypt, skirting the entire North African coast to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

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Do I need a passport to go to Tunisia?

Article updated to July 2022 on the documentation needed to safely travel to Tunisia on vacation. Includes, in addition to passports, updated measures derived from the Covid emergency for Italy and Tunisia, for Italian or non-European citizens. External links to institutional sites and platforms for certification and any necessary quarantine from Covid are also included to keep the discerning or curious user constantly updated.

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Reopening for Tunisia

The update on covid-19 allows, at last, Tunisia to reopen its borders with foreign countries. Of course, there are some security provisions based on where the tourists come from.

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