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Nightlife in Tunis, to spend your evenings

vita notturna a tunisi

When planning a holiday in Tunis: Things to do at night

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When planning a holiday in Tunis, one of the aspects not to be underestimated, in addition to choosing the hotel where to stay or the most important places to visit, is to understand how to spend the nightlife in Tunis.

The activities that the Tunisian capital offers during the evening and night hours are numerous and at the same time interesting, and it is precisely for this reason that, in the following paragraphs, we will try to understand together how to spend evenings in Tunis.

All tourists of the Tunisian capital, from the youngest to the oldest, will have the opportunity to enjoy the city’s nightlife thanks to the presence of not only welcoming bars and clubs but also places where they can take long walks.

The best places to meet

Ideal places to go for a walk with friends or family are the Main Square of the Medina or the Mosque Square, where even in the evening hours you can find some shops and bars open.

The nightlife in Tunis, much loved by tourists even during the winter months, becomes even more colorful during the summer season when, thanks to the particularly favorable climate of the capital, special events are organized both in hotels and in the streets of the city.

For example, there are many hotels that during the hot season offer their guests themed evenings, organizing parties by the sea, poolside parties or dinners.

In the months of July and August many open-air shows are organized, in particular at the Roman Theater of Carthage. Among the most popular shows are theatrical performances, concerts by local and sometimes international artists, and local dances.

Also during the summer season, the nightlife in Tunis includes the possibility of going to one of the most popular and beloved seaside resorts, La Marsa. Considered by the locals as one of the most elegant peripheral cities, La Marsa boasts a beautiful promenade, where you can walk or sit down for a drink at one of the many bars.

Ramadan period

The Ramadan period is very special in the Tunisian capital. During Ramadan, nightlife in Tunis for a tourist becomes even more interesting as it opens up many possibilities.

During the nights of Ramadan, for example, it is customary to organize guided night tours of the Medina, thanks to which you can enjoy the nocturnal beauty of the monument and explore the city streets, admiring the majesty of some buildings and palaces.

Much appreciated by all the tourists who have already had the opportunity to participate, always during the Ramadan period, is the Medina Festival which offers an intense program of evenings and shows, all characterized by an Arab-Andalusian musical repertoire.

Recommended clubs and discos

In Tunis there are no shortage of places to spend pleasant evenings. These are places of entertainment and meeting, aimed at anyone who loves nightlife and nightlife.

The nightlife in Tunis is therefore made possible by the presence of discos and clubs. One of the most popular discos in the city, especially among young people, is the Discotheque of the Plaza Corniche hotel, typical for its retro furnishings and eclectic music.

Again, the Caffè Latina is an ideal place for those who love to dance salsa as it offers Latin American music. However, it cannot be frequented during the summer season since, from July to September, the club closes to move to enliven the nights of Hammamet.

Much loved by both locals and tourists is also the Bœuf Sur Le Toit, located in Soukra, a particularly chic suburb of the city. Inside the place it will be possible not only to enjoy excellent live music while sipping a drink in company, but also to have dinner or an aperitif.

Sousse discos are also particularly popular with tourists, a fantastic Mediterranean destination and the pearl of the Sahel. Among the most popular discos and clubs for tourists in the Governorate of Sousse are the Discoteque Platinium, the Igloo Ice Bar and the B 1 Souisse.


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