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Weekend in Tunisia

Tunisia is a destination just two hours away from Italy, accessible and exotic at the same time. So why not visit it for a long weekend or a holiday? We often think of spending a few vacation days in closer places, perhaps in an Italian art city, but Tunisia is just a bit further and is warm and welcoming all year round.

Breaking our long winter, where cold and bad weather are the norm, with a refreshing break in Tunisia, where the warm climate and sun await us, is an experience to try, and we are sure you will want to repeat it. Tunisia is not just a seaside destination for relaxation but a treasure trove of priceless treasures. The culture and history you will experience in Tunisia are the result of civilizations that have followed one another over the centuries: Roman, Arab, Berber, French, and Andalusian.

Weekend in Tunis

The Tunisian capital is a dynamic and lively city where Middle Eastern, African, and European cultures and traditions blend. The city is elegant, with belle époque style buildings, large boulevards, and palaces housing art galleries and distinguished tea rooms. Many structures have changed their use, the result of urban redevelopment aimed at accommodating tourists and visitors. Many palaces have become restaurants and bed & breakfasts, and the splendid terraces have been transformed into places of relaxation and hospitality, where you can enjoy a cup of tea or sip an aperitif.

The Medina of Tunis with the magnificent Zituna Mosque, the Bardo Museum with its splendid Roman mosaics, and the remains of the Carthaginian civilization are just some of the places not to be missed. The medersas, the Koranic schools, are also typical for their particular architecture. Behind their fortress-like doors lie arched tiled courtyards.

One of the wonders of Tunis is the colorful souk divided into thematic areas: the jewelry street, the fabric street, and the perfume street. But Tunisian cuisine will also surprise you with its unique flavors that you will find tasty and aromatic thanks to the spices combined with fish, meat, and fruit. Speaking of souks, a very special one is the des Chechais souk, famous for handmade fez hats. The fez is the red headgear originating from the eponymous Moroccan city, worn in all African countries as a sign of equality among people of different social classes.

Near Tunis is the white and blue village of Sidi Bou Said, picturesque and welcoming. After visiting it, you can rest in one of the cafes and drink typical Turkish coffee or mint tea with pine nuts. Even in the city center, there are hotels and restaurants where you can spend the evening outdoors, listening to music. In recent years, the coolest places are on the terraces of hotels where you can enjoy a magnificent view. Here you can listen to live music and dance under the starry sky.

But Tunis is also synonymous with hammam and wellness for body and spirit. Numerous thalassotherapy centers and spas offer high-level sensory experiences. The tradition of body care and physical health is very ancient, and in Tunisia, it is a true art. You can choose from various treatments such as Ayurvedic massage, shiatsu sessions, gommage, or rose essence massage. Total relaxation is guaranteed by a pleasant hot bath with essential oils followed by a relaxing massage.

Deals, Prices, and Booking

To spend a one-week holiday in Tunisia, you should book at least 3/4 months before the departure date to get the best prices for flights and hotels.

On the following pages, you will find the best travel solutions for Tunisia to book with just a few clicks.


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