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Easter in Tunisia

Tunisia at Easter is a perfect travel choice. From Italy, in just two hours by plane, you can reach the North African country where you can spend a few days of vacation in a warm and welcoming climate. It will be a true dive into summer, still so far away from us. The beauty of a trip to a country like Tunisia is that here you can mix the desire for sea and relaxation with the culture and millennia-old history of this people.

Tunisia is a hospitable country boasting beautiful beaches and seaside resorts along the Mediterranean coast, with excellent tourist facilities to stay in total tranquility. Even the interior is equally fabulous and is the ideal location for those who prefer a vacation in close contact with nature and the extraordinary colors of the desert.

Tunisia and art are an inseparable combination. The country is rich in wonderful archaeological sites, mosques, mausoleums, medinas, historic palaces. It is impossible to see in one trip the immense historical and cultural heritage of this extraordinary land, in which numerous civilizations have succeeded. But there is no need to worry: it’s a good reason to come back again.

Historical and Artistic Beauties in Tunisia

The discovery of the historical and cultural beauties of Tunisia can begin with its capital, Tunis. It is an ancient and modern city at the same time where you can start with a visit to the famous Bardo Museum, a precious treasure trove containing enchanting collections of very well-preserved Roman mosaics. Also unmissable is Carthage and its ancient Roman site. Tunis is located on a beautiful gulf, and in the streets of the historic center, you can discover local craftsmanship and the spices that perfume the air. Also very characteristic are some palaces, decorated with white and blue colors.

Another beautiful city is Dougga, one of the seven sites recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. Here you will find the Libyan-Punic mausoleum and the temple dedicated to Saturn, which are part of the largest Roman complex in all of Tunisia. In Kairouan, there is the oldest mosque in the Maghreb and it is the fourth holy city of Islam. The city is also known for the production of typical Kilim carpets and its artistic ceramics.

It is impossible to visit all the Tunisian cities, but not to be missed is the ancient Roman city of Bulla Regia. You can take a tour of the underground neighborhoods to admire a unique hidden architecture in the world. But the richness of this city is also manifested in the Great Baths, in the temple of Apollo and Isis, and in the Christian basilica.

Seaside Resorts and Beaches

The Mediterranean bathes the entire Tunisian coast, where there are numerous seaside resorts of great beauty. It is difficult to choose the best place because all the beaches are perfect for spending days of relaxation under the warm Tunisian sun. We can recommend the beach of Mahdia, south of the city of Monastir because this is one of the most suggestive stretches of the entire coast, with golden beaches and transparent and warm water. Everyone knows Hammamet, famous for its beach and hotel facilities that dot the coastline. Here you can do many sea-related activities, such as diving and snorkeling.

The island of Djerba is magnificent, located in the Gulf of Gabes. It is a very popular destination for European tourism, especially for those who love to dedicate part of their vacation to diving, given the beautiful seabed. Palms, crystal-clear water, warm sun, white sand: all elements that will make you dream and enjoy your vacation in Tunisia.

Deals, Prices, and Booking

To spend an Easter holiday in Tunisia, you should book at least 3/4 months before the departure date to get the best prices for flights and hotels.

At the following pages, you will find the best travel solutions to Tunisia to book with just a few clicks.


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