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Christmas in Tunisia

Do you feel like spending a warm Christmas, visiting new places of rare beauty? Then book a trip to Tunisia in December and enjoy the Christmas season in a fascinating land rich in history and culture. In every location in Tunisia, you can admire the artistic beauties and the archaeological sites in the world in a unique Christmas atmosphere.

You can stroll through markets rich in local crafts and typical wonders of the place where you can find unusual Christmas gifts. The most engaging places are the medinas and souks of the cities that preserve traces of the past but are alive and dynamic: a true sensory experience with the scents of spices and local gastronomic products.

Christmas in Tunis

The capital of the country is a city to be discovered with its museums, the medina, and the great artistic heritage it preserves. Walking through the narrow streets of the old city and visiting the medina, a UNESCO heritage site, you breathe the authentic spirit of Tunisia.

A visit to the Bardo Museum is a must, where among other archaeological finds of great value, there is a vast collection of Roman mosaics and where you can also see the largest mosaic in the world. Tunis is also sea and golden beaches to relax in the sun in a typically summer climate. For a romantic Christmas, the advice is to wait for the sunset at the city’s port.

Christmas in Djerba

Even more suggestive is Christmas on the island of Djerba, near the Tunisian coast. In the middle of the sea to enjoy the sun and the splendid beaches but also to visit this small gem: it will be a truly special December 25th.

A visit to the Ghriba synagogue is very interesting, dotted with its blue tiles, and savoring the local atmosphere by walking through the market of Midoun where scents, spices, flavors, and colors typically Tunisian will make you experience a dive into the heart of traditions and local customs. Also recommended is a visit to Djerbahood, where the village of artists is located, exhibiting street art works from every corner of the world.

Christmas Lunch in Tunisia

We mentioned the flavors and spices that enrich Tunisian cuisine dishes. At Christmas, you can choose one of the many typical restaurants to have lunch based on traditional local foods.

Obviously, there will be couscous accompanied by chicken, lamb, or fish prepared in many different variations. Restaurants also offer more traditional dishes based on seafood or fois gras and local desserts like the classic chocolate log.

Christmas Excursions

Visiting Tunisia also means discovering the inland, the desert, and its Berber villages at Christmas. In this way, you come into contact with the local people and discover their great hospitality. It is the truest part of the journey, the one that enriches and involves more from the human side.

Interesting is the discovery of Tataouine, with its famous market or Jbil National Park where you can see numerous specimens of wildlife such as antelopes, reptiles, and camels. Finally, the desert and its oases. It will be an unforgettable experience to spend Christmas Eve in the Sahara Desert, dining by the fire and spending the night in a tent among the dunes.

Deals, Prices, and Booking

To spend a Christmas vacation in Tunisia, you should book before the end of summer to get the best prices and the most interesting offers.

At the following pages, you will find the best travel solutions to Tunisia to book with just a few clicks.


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