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Car rental in Tunisia

Before embarking on a trip to Tunisia, especially if you decide to stay for an extended period, it would be advisable to plan an itinerary and consider which places are absolutely not to be missed. Tunisia is a territory as rich in beauty as it is extremely vast, and to visit it to the fullest, one should opt for car rental in Tunisia. Renting a car offers the possibility to move as and when desired without being necessarily tied and therefore limited by public transportation.

The options for a quick and safe car rental in Tunisia are not few. Once landed at Tunis-Carthage Airport, you have the opportunity to find yourself facing a vast range of offers for car rental in Tunisia. Car rental centers are not only available at various Tunisian airport stations but also in city centers. A very important factor, not to be underestimated at all if considering renting a car in Tunisia, is that the demand is very high. Since there is high demand, the most appropriate advice would be to book your car in advance if you decide to go on vacation in Tunisia during peak season. Before dealing with a car rental in Tunisia, however, it’s good for users to keep in mind some important aspects.

Among these, particularly important is the approach to the rules and the correct way of driving in Tunisia. Renting a car in Tunisia not only means going to one of the authorized centers, providing your data, and renting a car but also being aware and conscious of how to move when driving a car on Tunisian roads. The first thing to consider is what documents you need to drive in Tunisia. First of all, you must have the pink license, obtained in the European Union territory. Secondly, the rental certificate, the car insurance, and a valid and regular passport are essential.

The rules to be respected for road traffic in Tunisia are as strict as those in Italy. When approaching car rental in Tunisia, however, it’s good to know that there is no tolerance limit regarding the assumption of alcoholic substances. It is also worth remembering that, unlike what happens in Italian territory, in Tunisia, the minimum age for obtaining a driver’s license is 20 years, so it will absolutely not be possible to rent a car if you have a pink driving license regularly obtained in the EU territory but are under the age of 20. Furthermore, there are obligations to fasten seat belts in both front and rear seats and not to allow children under the age of 12 to sit in the front seats.

Other rules to absolutely keep in mind when driving in Tunisian territory are the speed limits, partly different from the Italian highway code. On national highways, it’s possible to drive at a maximum of 110 km/h, which must become 90 km/h along state roads and 50 km/h when traveling on urban roads. Every speed limit provided by the Tunisian highway code is subject to drastic restrictions in case of adverse weather conditions. In addition to what are the rules to be absolutely respected, there is advice that would be advisable to follow in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences: always park the car inside guarded parking lots.

Car rental in Tunisia: Must-Visit Places

After visiting one of the authorized rental centers for car rental and finally obtaining a car, it’s time to evaluate which are the must-visit places and in which you can comfortably drive to by car. In the following paragraphs, we will see what the main ones are.


A very well-known tourist destination, especially for its beautiful beaches, and particularly appreciated by all those who have already had the opportunity to visit it, is Djerba, an enchanting place in North Africa. The services that the city offers to its tourists are truly numerous, including thalassotherapy centers, thermal baths, and hammams, as well as fantastic resorts and starred hotels.


Another place not to be missed when planning a trip to Tunisia is Monastir, a city center where you can find many historic mosques. The main mosques are the Ribat Mosque and the Bourghiba Mosque. Monastir also has beautiful golden beaches and crystal-clear sea.


A very suggestive and loved place by tourists is Hammamet, a Tunisian destination that is suitable for couples and families. The area of the old town is ideal for relaxing and discovering its fantastic alleys, within which, during the evening hours, you can also enjoy some nightlife in Tunisia.


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