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Beaches of Tunisia: Here are the most beautiful ones not to miss


Rich in all kinds of attractions, Tunisia is a place to discover not only if you are thirsty for its millennia-old history or the most famous film locations but also and above all if you are true lovers of sunny days and the sea. The most beautiful beaches of Tunisia, numerous and enchanting, are found along the more than 1300 kilometers of Tunisian coastline. To best appreciate your vacation in Tunisia, it’s crucial to organize in advance and explore which coastal and maritime locations are the most characteristic and beautiful to visit. The beach resorts in Tunisia, as mentioned, are plentiful, and in the following paragraphs, we’ll discover the main ones. Wherever you are, we highlight a term that might be new to you: don’t miss the opportunity to look for the local “corniche,” which corresponds to one of our promenades and is a common feature along the coast. If relaxing on a single beach chair isn’t for you, the best way to visit more beaches is to rent a car.

La Marsa

Considered by many locals as the most elegant city in the northern suburbs of the capital, it is actually a separate municipality, 18 km from Tunis, visited year-round. The best time to visit La Marsa is during the summer season when you can fully enjoy the crystal-clear waters and beautiful sandy stretches.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia are found right here, offering visitors the chance to enjoy healthy and intense relaxation and fun, practicing water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, or jet skiing, or simply relaxing in the sun on a comfortable beach chair. The beach areas of this city are also suitable for families with children due to their spaciousness and fine sand.

El Haouaria

El Haouaria, one of the Tunisian tourist destinations closest to Italy, is also considered the point of Africa closest to Europe. It features central flat areas, green hills, and zones of land and sea.

Known for its characteristic white houses, it is also famous for its sandy and golden beaches and crystal-clear waters. Its beaches, recognized as the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia, offer everyone the chance to dive and immerse themselves in the waters while admiring the typical local flora and fauna.


The city of Nabeul, located east of Tunis, is a very characteristic Tunisian location known for its turquoise waters and fine golden sand.

The beaches of Nabeul offer visitors many moments of fun with water sports and beach entertainment. For the more adventurous, the city of Nabeul also offers the opportunity for scuba diving.


Gammarth is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia but also the most luxurious beach in Tunis.

It is a place suitable for both couples and families with children, characterized by fine sandy stretches that extend in both directions from the city’s central area.

In addition to the fantastic beach locations, the Tunisian city also offers the best thalassotherapy centers.

The city of Tabarka

In Tabarka, the city of coral and fishermen located in northern Tunisia, there is a beautiful beach area known as the Coral Coast, not far from the marina.

The entire coast of Tabarka is known for its golden beaches, caves, and cliffs, making it a perfect destination to admire the coral coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


Located not far from the southern part of Tunis, Sousse is the third-largest city in Tunisia. Known as the pearl of the Sahel, it offers not only monuments of rare beauty but also splendid beaches.

It is a well-known tourist destination, especially for its central location, and a very well-known beach resort.

The Kerkennah Islands

The Kerkennah Islands are an archipelago located just 20 km off the eastern coast of Tunisia. Their beaches, very characteristic, are notable for the presence of large palm trees and shallow, transparent waters.


Southeast of the Gulf of Hammamet is Monastir, also considered, like Sousse, the pearl of the Tunisian Sahel.

In the city of Monastir, there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia as its coastline is a real stretch of golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Monastir is among the most popular tourist destinations in Tunisia.

Houmt Souk

Another particularly picturesque Tunisian beach location is Houmt Souk.

Located on the coast of the island of Djerba, it is known for its calm and clear waters.

On the beaches of Houmt Souk, suitable for all kinds of needs, you can enjoy numerous water sports such as windsurfing, pedal boating, or scuba diving.

Hammamet and Yasmine Hammamet

Hammamet, small but authentic, is a Tunisian town much loved by visitors for its sea, where you can dive and practice many water sports.

The new resort of Yasmine Hammamet boasts resorts, star-rated hotels, and thalassotherapy centers as well as a fantastic sea and a large theme park, a must-see for nature lovers.


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