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How to go to Tunisia

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How to go to Tunisia: Tunisia is a country in North Africa, overlooking the Mediterranean and not too far from Sicily. There are two ways to reach it: by sea, using a ferry, or by flight.

To search for a flight, we refer you to our article How to find a low cost flight to Tunisia, with all the useful information for traveling saving money but in complete safety.

If flying is not your thing or you feel the desire to take your car or camper with you, then the solution you are looking for is a ferry.

The advantages of going by sea

Whether it was the fear of flying, the love of traveling by sea or traveling by car even outside Italy that made you evaluate this way of moving, the first advantage is that being able to go by ferry allows us to start the I travel on a sort of small cruise, to slow down the rhythms of every day with the comfort of having our vehicle with us and enter the perspective of the holiday.

Another advantage, going on holiday by sea with your own vehicle in tow, is that we have no restrictions on luggage, except for the passenger compartment. It could be an excellent opportunity to bring with us some delicious (and often quite fragile) local handicrafts that otherwise could arrive by air in pieces ready for a home mosaic, which probably wasn’t your initial idea.

Don’t forget that all carriers also allow you to bring animals with you, so we have a special paragraph below.

The vehicles permitted on the ferries are:

  • Car
  • Camper
  • Minibuses
  • Van
  • Motorcycle
  • Bicycle
  • Bus

We remind you that when booking by sea it is important to have the measurements of your vehicle and, if equipped with a trailer, that too must be evaluated in terms of dimensions, so as to be sure of having space for everyone. For the car, just enter the make and model.

How to evaluate if the ferry is right for you

There are four ports in Italy from which to sail to Tunisia:

  • Genoa
  • Civitavecchia
  • Salerno
  • Palermo

Locate the port closest to you, to avoid unnecessary fuel costs and toll booths on the way to the port.

Without this, certainly our search engine with OkFerry is the one for you.

Let’s find out in detail each single route and remember that, when you search, OkFerry also tells you how long before you go to the place to check-in, so we recommend punctuality, because checking and accommodating everyone can sometimes be quite a long process. and everyone doing their part for a peaceful journey is important.

We show you the departures available in August 2022, but carrying out a simulation with OkFerry is easy, fast and certainly more up-to-date.

Takes it from Civitavecchia

The vehicles of Grimaldi Lines and GNV leave the port of Civitavecchia.

The journey to Tunisia takes just over a day.

  • With GNV you will leave on Friday at 19:00, arriving in Tunis between 28 and 31 hours later, with a stopover in Palermo.
  • With Grimaldi Lines on Wednesdays at 19:30 and Fridays at 19:00

Takes it from Genoa

GNV and CTN Tunisia Ferries depart from the port of Genoa.

  • With GNV you will leave on Tuesday at 22:30; Friday at 12; Sunday at 17:30.
  • With CTN Tunisia Ferries on Tuesday at 1pm; Thursday at 17:00; Saturday at 2 or 20:00

Takes it from Palermo

GNV and Grimaldi Lines vehicles depart from the port of Palermo.

  • With GNV you will leave on Saturday at 11:45.
  • With Grimaldi Lines Tuesday 2:30; Saturday 12:30

It comes from Salerno

Grimaldi Lines vehicles depart from the port of Salerno: Monday 13:15 and Saturday 1:00.


Grimaldi Lines discounts

“Special summer” youth card – dedicated to National Youth Card holders and their companions

Reduction for children – free up to 3 years old and -50% for children between 3 and 12 years: it applies automatically

Discount on return from Tunisia – 20% reduction if booked at the same time as the outward journey

Offers for residents and natives – dedicated to Sardinians and Sicilians

Traveling animals

If you have a four-legged best friend, instead of paying someone to enjoy his company for us, we can certainly take him with us on vacation by sea, saving money on the pet-sitter and making wonderful memories with our most faithful friends. .

On the ferries it is possible to accommodate and transport animals, in fact when searching on OkFerry they will also ask us to specify whether we prefer to keep our furry friends in the cabin (by selecting the accommodation marked with “pet access”) or in the appropriate spaces on board the ferry, that surely the on-board staff will have no difficulty in showing you once your vehicle has been placed in the hold.


Book your ferry to Tunis.

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