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How to find a low cost flight to Tunisia

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How to find a low cost flight to Tunisia, rather than going to pay higher prices in an agency, is now a common necessity. Many sites allow you to find a cheap flight or even checking on the site of our favorite airline makes us believe that we are saving.

In reality, opening and consulting the individual sites of each airline leads to a considerable expenditure of time and energy, for this reason we have evaluated for you a search engine that is easy and fast to use, which allows you to compare several airlines together and have the broadest possible overview of routes and costs.

To manage your travel expenses quickly and easily, we have chosen Skyscanner for you, which allows you to evaluate both direct flights and also airports close to the chosen one, in order to evaluate the cheapest and most performing offer for your needs and above all to spend your holidays in peace.

With about fifty weekly flights available to choose from and a flight lasting an average of about an hour and 35 minutes, finding the most suitable solution will be simple, above all because we remind you that Skyscanner has been rated by users of the travel search engine most reliable in the world.

We remind you that the airlines that fly direct from Italy are: Tunisair, ITA Airways, TunisAir Express, Neos Air, Nouvelair and ASL Airlines France.

This search engine also offers insurance coverage for the Covid emergency, designed specifically for those who prefer to travel with peace of mind.

For updated travel conditions, you can consult our related article Do you need a passport to go to Tunisia?, which reports the updated travel conditions in July 2022 also concerning the management of the Covid pandemic in Tunisia, as well as all the useful links for safe travel .

Traveling is a great wealth for the soul: traveling serene and insured will make everything easier.

Tips to make your trip to Tunisia even more low cost

Another way to save on the cost of travel by air, making it even more low cost if you are traveling in two, is to consider taking advantage of the possibility of having only one piece of baggage in the hold, to be used together. A small tip to remind you to bring everything you find by clicking here.

If you love souvenirs and travel mementos, you might consider adding the second checked bag only on return, adding a soft bag to your memories of Tunisia, perhaps bought in some bazaar, where you can bargain and create fun travel memories.

What to consider when choosing the most suitable flight to Tunisia

Certainly two important parameters must be considered when choosing a flight: when to leave and when to book.

If time is not on our side and the days available to us are linked to holidays, it is necessary to decide where to go and what to do well before booking your flight.

For Tunisia in particular, the high season months remain the summer months, between June and August; characterized by a dry climate, prevalence of sunny weather and temperatures around 35°C. Ideal for going to the beach, but also to be able to enjoy history and culture, which are not lacking in Tunisia.

If your holidays are not summer or you are not convinced that you want to go with such high temperatures, we have an article to guide you and help you choose when to go to Tunisia, which we advise you to consult.

When you finally know how much time off you have available, our Skyscanner will be your best tool for finding the best deal.

If, on the other hand, you have more flexible holidays, we advise you to use our Skyscanner wisely, which allows you to extend your search for the best flight by evaluating the prices for the whole month. These are options that you will find if the first search does not satisfy you: skyscanner allows you to change the search day in the second instance by choosing precisely from the offers available throughout the month.

Once you have defined the days you want to fly, don’t forget to take a look at the accommodation offers.

Skyscanner automatically shows you what it thinks is most suitable for your trip, but to get some more targeted ideas we also have some suggestions that could be right for you on this site:

Hotels in Tunisia

Where to sleep in Tunis, the guide to the best hotels


Book your ferry to Tunis.

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