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From Tunis to Hammamet

Our tips on how to reach Hammamet from Tunis. From Tunis to Hammamet, by car, there is little more than 65 kilometers to travel on the beautiful A1 , the highway that runs from Cairo, the capital of Egypt, skirting the entire North African coast to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

From Tunis to Hammamet

From Tunis to Hammamet, by car, there are just over 65 km to travel on the splendid A1 (Trans-African Highway 1), the highway that starts from Cairo, the capital of Egypt, skirting the entire North African coast up to Dakar, the capital of Senegal. In addition to your vehicle, transported to Tunisia by ferry, you can also go to Hammamet by taxi, by bus, or with a rented vehicle or private transfer.

By taxi – is it really that cheap?

If you check online, it tells you that going via taxi is even cheaper than going by bus (costs seem to start from €10-13), but rather than suggesting fabulous fluctuating prices that you can find on any search engine or Tunisian taxi site , our advice is to ask the taxi driver how much he wants BEFORE getting on. From city to city there are usually pre-agreed fares.

To ensure your travel, we list the companies that can take you from Tunis to Hammamet, which are Tunisia-Taxi, Taxi Mami Tunisie and Etaxi. For correctness we report each with its relative link.

By bus

Tunisia is divided into 24 governorates and the means of the Cape Bon peninsula are managed by the Regional Transport Company for the Governorate of Nabeul (abbreviated SRTGN), which therefore also manages the connecting buses between Tunis and Hammamet.

The updated timetables of their air-conditioned vehicles for line 105 – Hammamet – Tunis are shown on their website, which is easy to consult even if in French. The site is of course also available in Arabic.

By car

If you went to Tunisia with your car or a camper you can use the help of Google maps.

If, on the other hand, you have preferred to travel faster and lighter, you can arrange for the classic rental of a vehicle, which we recommend, or by booking a private transfer.

Our car – INTERNET IN TUNISIA, recommendations for everyone

You can travel with your car reassured by the reliability of your vehicle, but as we mentioned, since satellite navigators also need to be updated and we have no doubts that you will need an internet connection, the best solution could be to use your trusty mobile phone ( better if dual sim and therefore with the possibility of having your Italian number always active to be traceable by friends and relatives wherever you go) and, once you arrive at the airport or in Tunisia, buy a sim locally with an internet offer suitable for your needs. Although checking the offers of your Italian operator could also make sense, we take the liberty of listing the Tunisian operators, so as to make your search easier. As happens in Italy, the internet offers for mobile devices vary continuously so our choice is to leave it up to you to open the pages of the individual operators and choose the updated offer that best suits your needs. In Tunisia, with a site in French (we remind you that google can translate the individual pages you open for you on your mobile phone) the following operate: Orange Tunisie; Tunisia Telecom; Ooredoo.

Our camper

For camping enthusiasts, we unfortunately have to recommend that you request updated information from the Tunisian National Tourist Board in Milan by telephone (02 86453044) or email (, so that you can leave in complete safety. We advise less experienced campers to take great care of where they pass and where they park, remembering that we will be guests in a country with special customs and needs, where it is therefore important to take care not to clog the narrow streets by driving too slowly and above all to park only where we are sure not to obstruct traffic. From exploring the blogs of other more expert campers, they seem to us to be recommendations that are quite important to help you spend a peaceful stay.

The car rental

For car rental, the companies you can definitely contact are already present at the airport and include AVIS, Keddy, Europcar and Hertz.

One of the possible search engines to find a rental car in Tunis can be Expedia, which has a section expressly dedicated to car rental.

Otherwise we advise you to read our article on car rental.

A private transfer

Using the Get your guide search engine, it is also possible to search for private transfers that operate a service from Hammamet to Tunis airport and vice versa.

In reality, the most interesting thing to look for an alternative transport through Get your guide is that, if you feel like it, rather than the usual “passage”, you could book some real guided tours and start the holiday by transforming the arrival into a first full immersion in local culture and history. There are one-day tours that leave from Tunis and allow you to visit Hammamet and Nabeul: we strongly advise you to check if it is the right one for you, because they are unique experiences.


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