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New Year’s Eve in Tunisia

capodanno in tunisia

Not sure where to spend a different and unusual New Year’s Eve? The right place is Tunisia, a destination just a few hours’ flight from Italy, which will surprise you with the many proposals it offers. Tunisia is not just sea and beaches with an exotic flavor, which are a real marvel in the heart of winter. The North African country at New Year’s is ideal for a vacation of relaxation, discovering unique places, and having fun.

The mild climate and the sun that is not lacking at this time of year are perfect for engaging in many activities such as desert excursions on the back of a camel, visiting archaeological sites and cultural-artistic beauties or strolling while admiring the charm of the medinas, museums, and souks. Tunisia’s past is a mix of different cultures that have lived on the territory over the centuries, leaving visible signs of great historical interest. Arab, Roman, Berber traces but also Andalusian and French ones have mixed with the various dominations, and today Tunisia has an invaluable artistic heritage.

Just think that in a relatively small state, there are seven sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO: Dougga, El Jem, the medinas of Sousse, Tunis, and Kairouan, Carthage, Kerkouane. Also worth seeing are the green oases of Nefta, Tamerza, and Tozeur, splendid with palm groves and waterfalls. A visit to one of the many Berber villages that preserve typical traditions and customs, and to the Ksour, desert castles like those of Douiret and Chenini, is a must.

New Year’s Eve at the Hammam

In Tunisia, you can spend a truly different New Year’s Eve dedicating yourself to thalassotherapy, that is, sea treatment. Here, it represents an ancient tradition, still visible in the remains of many thermal buildings from the Roman era like the ancient thermal center in the city of Korbous near Hammamet. Here, you can admire the natural spring whose waters flow directly into the sea. The Antonine Baths in Carthage are also visible, equally beautiful and well-preserved.

To prepare for New Year’s Eve, it is ideal to dedicate a day to self-care: Turkish baths, massages, and thalassotherapy regenerate body and mind. You can access the hotel thermal centers that offer treatments and relaxation for external clients as well. It will be a pleasant day in preparation for the celebrations of December 31st or relaxing to recover from the excesses of the celebrations just after the start of the new year.

If you are in Hammamet, you can spend some rejuvenating hours at the Hasdrubal, in the Yasmine Hammamet beach area, where there are thalassotherapy and algotherapy programs in saltwater pools. At La Badira Hotel, also in Hammamet, you can enjoy, among the many services, the best Ayurvedic treatments in the area.

New Year’s Eve of Pure Fun in Tunisia

If you prefer to wait for the New Year in the most traditional way, Tunisia welcomes you with its fun on the most anticipated night of the year. Having dinner and dancing with friends will be exciting in one of the many clubs in the largest cities or in the seaside resorts along the coast.

There are many restaurants by the sea where you can dine outdoors, with the background music of an oriental lute or the places where you can toast to the rhythm of more engaging music, all to dance. And how about spending New Year’s Eve on the beach or even among the dunes in the desert? There is something for all tastes because Tunisia will offer a special and unforgettable night, whichever location you choose.

Deals, Prices, and Booking

To book New Year’s Eve in Tunisia at the best prices, you will need to make the reservation before the end of summer.

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