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Tunisia Vacation Packages

Tunisia is a North African nation that borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north and lies between Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast. The southern part of the country is occupied by the Sahara Desert. It is an ideal year-round vacation destination, with the best months being from April to June and from September to November. A vacation in Tunisia meets every need because it is a land of culture and history, local traditionsbeautiful beaches, excursions into the fascinating desert, and much more.

The most beautiful and famous locations are Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse, Port El-Kantaoui, and the many archaeological and cultural sites this land offers. Tunisia is reachable within a few hours of flight and is one of the most convenient destinations from Italy. The hospitality is well-structured with numerous hotels and all-inclusive resorts suitable for family vacations, young people, and couples.

Family Vacations in Tunisia

Choosing to spend a vacation in Tunisia with your family will ensure everyone has fun and excitement. Along the coast, there are many seaside resorts with all the comforts for a relaxing beach vacation. The all-inclusive resorts offer all the services: from the beach to the pool, from entertainment to excursions.

You can visit the cities of Hammamet, Medina, and Sousse, rich in history and highly interesting archaeological sites. An excursion into the Sahara Desert, to be booked locally, is also recommended.

Couple Vacations in Tunisia

A romantic getaway in Tunisia? An excellent choice because here, besides the sun and sea, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of a unique sensory experience in a hammam as a couple. Relaxation and fun, but also pure wellness, with massages and relaxing treatments after a day on the beach.

Many Tunisian locations are beautiful postcards to experience with your partner: you can enjoy enchanting sunsets walking on the beach, have an aperitif by the sea, and dine under the stars. One of the most romantic places is Sousse, the pearl of the Sahel. It’s a charming place where you can walk along the seafront, surrounded by the scent of jasmine and accompanied by the gentle sound of the waves. The entire coast is very scenic and perfect for a couple wanting to escape city stress.

Vacations with Children in Tunisia

If you decide to travel to Tunisia with children, you will be completely satisfied. It will be a wonderful family experience because the little ones will enjoy playing in the clear coastal waters and be entertained by the animation present in all the beach resorts. Besides the beach, which will keep them fully absorbed, you can experience the Park Flipper in Hammamet, a water park with 13 slides and numerous pools.

Another place loved by children is the zoo. Both the one in the capital, Tunis, where you can see parrots and monkeys, and the Paradis Zoo in Tozeur, with exotic gardens housing desert animals and tropical plants, are beautiful.

Youth Vacations in Tunisia

In the small towns, there are bars and cafes where you can listen to music, but for real nightlife fun, you need to go to the larger cities. In Hammamet, you can go to the Oasi Club, a huge complex offering three restaurants and seven bars. The Sky Club is the most frequented disco, where you can dance to house music.

Bora Bora and Red Iguana are the two most popular discos in Sousse, where you can spend the night in a pleasant outdoor location. Finally, in Tunis, there are numerous places for the nightlife. We mention Oscars, the Plaza Corniche Hotel, and the Jamaica Bar on the 10th floor of a hotel. Some of these locations offer a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Beach Vacations in Tunisia

Tunisian beaches are unique, and the Mediterranean guarantees warmth and sun all year round. It is difficult to find the most beautiful one, from Monastir to Djerba to Hammamet; the long stretches of white and golden sand are enchanting, and the crystal-clear waters invite you to take a relaxing dip.

Everywhere you can take boat trips, dive, engage in other sports, or take endless walks with breathtaking views. El Haouaria Beach is the most unique because it alternates golden beaches with steep rocky cliffs: an unusual postcard of the Tunisian coast. If you prefer a beach less frequented by tourists, you can spend a day at Plage de Chaffar, a favorite destination for locals.

Desert Vacations in Tunisia

The Sahara Desert is the largest in the world and occupies a vast area of southern Tunisia. A multi-day desert vacation is certainly a unique experience, but it is also possible to visit the desert with scheduled excursions. In Medenine, the steps to follow to cross the desert begin, but it is in Douz that the journey truly starts.

It is the largest green oasis in Tunisia, and here you will find the Chott El Jerid salt lake. Another place not to be missed is Ksar Ghilane, a charming spot with red sand dunes and typical hot springs. The recommended period to experience the desert is spring or late autumn when the maximum temperatures are around 30°C and do not exceed it.

Cultural Vacations in Tunisia

Tunisia is a treasure chest of architectural and historical treasures. Every city has sites of cultural interest with its souks and medinas. It is wonderful to walk through the old part and discover the markets, monuments, and mosques, symbols of a fascinating past.

A visit to the Roman baths of Carthage, excellently preserved, and the museum housing important archaeological finds is a must. In Monastir and Sousse, there are numerous traces of Byzantine art. Don’t miss the Bardo Museum with its Roman mosaics and the Museum of Traditional Heritage, which preserves jewels and furniture from the local past.

The medina of Sousse is a UNESCO heritage site, and equally beautiful is the archaeological museum housed in a kasbah, as well as the grand mosque with turrets and forts. Hammamet also has its places of great interest, such as the medina, the Pupput archaeological site with Roman remains, and the kasbah, a fortress museum.

Gastronomic Vacations in Tunisia

A vacation in Tunisia also means excellent food and quality products. It is a cuisine very different from ours, with Middle Eastern, French, and Arab influences, boasting very tasty, simple, and more elaborate typical dishes.

Certainly, try the Harissa couscous and the Salade Mechouia, two dishes found on many menus of typical restaurants. It is better to frequent the restaurants in larger centers like pizzerias and typical taverns. When consulting the menu, consider trying Tunisian dishes such as fish tajine, mixed salads, and pomegranate dessert.

Deals, Prices, and Booking

To book one of the Tunisia vacation packages, you should organize yourself at least 4-5 months before the departure date to get the best prices.

At the following recommended travel agencies, you will find the best vacation packages on offer for traveling to Tunisia, which can be booked with just a few clicks.


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