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Festivals, Events, and Celebrations in Tunisia

Tunisia, a paradise of African territories, is a beautiful place not only for its landscapes and nature but also for its festive atmosphereFestivals in Tunisia are particularly numerous, with celebrations taking place mostly in coastal areas, which are more open compared to inland regions. The residents of coastal areas love to dress up and participate in major events. There are many opportunities to celebrate throughout the year, but festivals in Tunisia become especially delightful and appreciated during the seasons when the favorable Tunisian climate allows for full enjoyment. In the following paragraphs, we will explore the main cultural events and Tunisian festivals.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in Tunisia, especially for tourists, can truly be an unforgettable event. The New Year is celebrated with great warmth. With its mild climate, the Tunisian winter is ideal for engaging in various activities that allow for a New Year’s celebration suitable for all needs.

The Coral Festival

The Coral Festival is a well-known event held in Tabarka, a fishing town located on the northern coast of Tunisia, known as the Côte du Corail. The reason for its fame is that it has been a renowned location since ancient times, not only for fishing but also for coral processing. The Coral Festival is thus a cultural event organized as a photography exhibition where the participant who takes the best underwater photograph is awarded.

Besides the Coral Festival, Tabarka is also known for other festivals in Tunisia that take place in the city, especially during the summer months. In summer, Tabarka hosts the Jazz Festival, the World Music Festival, and the Latino Music Festival.

Musical, Cultural, and Sporting Events

In addition to the aforementioned music festivals held in the northern coastal city of Tabarka, Tunisia is also well-known for other events, both musical and otherwise. Regarding musical events, there is the Guitar Festival held in the capital during the spring, precisely in early March.

A particularly well-known sporting event throughout Tunisia is the Sailing Grand Prix held in May. In the last days of July, the Fine Arts Festival takes place. This is a significant cultural event entirely dedicated to the world of art. The Ulysses Festival, finally, is an event held in July on the island of Djerba and involves awarding the best international film.

The Oasis Festival

The Oasis Festival is a well-known Tunisian festival celebrated in Tozeur, an important cultural and religious center of Tunisia. During the last days of December, in the town located at the edge of the desert, the musical event that involves both residents and tourists takes place. Everyone, to the rhythm of music produced by ancient musical instruments belonging to nomadic tribes, participates in dances, songs, and numerous theatrical performances along the festively decorated streets.

The Carthage Festival

The Carthage Festival is an event that has been held in the city of Tunis since 1966, also known as the Carthage Film Days. The film festival is held every two years, alternating with the Carthage Theatre Days, and takes place precisely in August. The official program of the festival involves different sectors such as cinema, theater, or music, and includes awarding prizes for the best productions.

Carthage also hosts the well-known Jazz Festival. This is an international festival held during the Tunisian musical spring, where all jazz lovers have the opportunity to attend performances by great artists and talents.

Tunisia’s Independence Day

On March 20, one of the most important festivals in Tunisia is celebrated. This is Tunisia’s Independence Day, during which it becomes very interesting, especially for tourists, to visit the capital. In the capital, in fact, open-air markets are organized on this occasion, where it is possible to purchase items and taste local delicacies.

Evacuation Day of Bizerte

The Evacuation Day of Bizerte is a Tunisian holiday held every October 15. It is an important national holiday aimed at remembering and celebrating the day of military withdrawal from France.

The Orange Festival

Between April and May, coinciding with the Flower Festival, the Orange Festival is held in Nabeul. This is a very important cultural event for all residents as it commemorates the end of the orange harvesting season.


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