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Documents for travel to Tunisia

Tunisia is a country in North Africa, but unlike other states, entry is simple and without major issues, so much so that under certain circumstances it’s even possible to visit with just a valid Italian identity card for expatriation. Let’s see what documents are needed to enter Tunisia, what is required, and how to obtain them.

Passport or Identity Card

Normally, being a non-European country, a passport with at least 90 days of remaining validity is required to enter Tunisia. However, there is also the possibility of entering only with the Italian identity card, provided you participate in an organized tour by an affiliated travel agency.

So remember: if you decide to visit Tunisia on your own, the identity card is not sufficient, and you will need to arrive at the Tunisian border with a passport with at least 90 days of remaining validity. If you travel with a tour operator, ask them for accurate information on the possibility of traveling with just the identity card. However, always remember that photocopies of the identity card are never accepted by Tunisian border police officers, not even those certified as conforming to the original: if you find yourself in this situation, make sure to renew it as soon as possible at your municipality of residence.

If you decide to travel with a passport and its remaining validity is less than 3 months, be aware that you may not be admitted to Tunisia. For this reason, we recommend checking the expiration date well in advance and going to the police station as soon as possible for possible renewal.

Entry Visa

For Italian citizens choosing to enter the country for tourism, no entry visa is required, provided that the stay in Tunisia does not exceed 90 days; if this limit is exceeded, a residence permit must be requested from the police, stating the reasons.

On the plane or ship, just before arriving in Tunisia, you will be given a form by the onboard staff that you must fill out with your personal data and the reason for the trip; this form will be used by the border police to ensure that your entry into the country is solely for tourism purposes.

Entry into Tunisia for Foreign Citizens Residing in Italy

Foreign citizens residing in Italy must bear in mind that the Italian identity card is not valid for leaving the country. Therefore, even in the case of a trip organized by a tour operator, it is necessary to enter the country with a passport.

Whether or not an entry visa is required for Tunisia depends on the citizenship of the foreigner. It is advisable to delve into the matter with the Tunisian consulate or by researching in advance on the internet: currently, Tunisia grants visa-free entry to 97 countries worldwide, but it is necessary to assess the requirements on a case-by-case basis.


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