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Increase in tourism

Very comforting data arrive regarding the increase in tourism in Tunisia, these are the numbers declared by the Tunisian national tourism office (ONTT).

The stats counted up to 12/20/2022 as of the beginning of the year.

There has been a dramatic increase in tourism across the nation. Again according to the same source, the increase was 159% compared to the previous year, despite still some, albeit minimal, limitations due to the coronavirus.

In 2021 arrivals were 2,354,755, 32% lower than in 2019 precisely due to the pandemic.

6,116,756 tourists visited Tunisia in 2022, winking at operators in the sector, such as travel agencies, tour guides, hotels and restaurateurs who say they have been in line with current expectations

Given that the count stopped 11 days from the end of the year, other arrivals were expected up to a total estimate of around 6,300,000 arrivals.

Upon close scrutiny, tourism appears to be focused on French, German, Polish and Czech visitors. Many movements were also noticed from Algeria, a country bordering Tunisia.


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