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Reopening for Tunisia

The update on covid-19 allows, at last, Tunisia to reopen its borders with foreign countries. Of course, there are some security provisions based on where the tourists come from.



For Italian citizens who want to go to Tunisia, there are no containment measures regarding the provisions on covid-19. The list made by the Ministry of Health of Tunis will be updated weekly according to the pandemic situation of each nation in the world.

As for Italy, it has been declared as green, therefore with a low contagion rate from Covid-19.

Given the forthcoming reopening of the borders, scheduled for Saturday, the Tunisian authorities have shown the indications that must be respected by all.

The various countries of origin will be identified with some colors based on the criticality of the risk of contagion from Covid-19. These considerations are made by the National Observatory for new and emerging diseases, which will categorize the various countries that have declared the end of the lockdown and the opening of the related borders.

The classification indicated above will be disclosed directly via the Ministry of Health website and updated weekly based on the contagion situation in each country.

People arriving in Tunisia from countries with a low level of danger (therefore countries that will have a green classification) will not be subjected to any anticovid preventive measures.

People coming from places with an orange classification, therefore with a controlled risk, will still be forced to deliver or otherwise show the results of a specific exam, exactly the PCR exam, 72 hours before the flight time (maximum 120 hours compared to the time of arrival on Tunisian soil).

Finally, those who will be part of the nations with high criticality, therefore with the red classification, will also have to present the PCR exam, with the usual conditions indicated above and in addition respect a quarantine imposed by the authorities for a period of 7 days in a dedicated facility. He will then be rechecked before spending another seven-day period of self-isolation at home.

All tourists are required to fill in a form, present online, which precisely certifies their health conditions, before leaving the country of departure.


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