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The journey of a poodle from Tunisia with a group of migrants. The incredible story up to Lampedusa

Il viaggio di un barboncino dalla Tunisia

The journey of a poodle from Tunisia to Lampedusa goes around the world on the internet. They had passed as tourists when in reality they were migrants.

In the last few days a very particular case has occupied some space on the most important internet channels and that is that of the poodle that landed in Lampedusa coming from Tunisia.

The “offending” photo portrayed some Tunisian immigrants with a small dog, starting some controversy. The fuse, if we want to write that, was triggered by the “Corriere della Sera”.

In fact, it seems that the eleven people, including three women, had a poodle with them and an ad hoc well-groomed clothing to then be mistaken for tourists on holiday: and so, equipped with luggage, standard straw hats and sunglasses, they tried to blend in with the crowd of tourists.

Their attempt, as clumsy as it was original, was also about to be successful when, however, the Coast Guard, near the “Molo Madonnina”, or precisely where they had docked shortly before with one of the many small boats which in these hot days of July on the southern Italian island.

In this regard, the woman with the poodle was reached by the Huffington Post who asked her to comment on the story: “I returned to Italy to start over: I lived there for 15 years because you can’t stay in my country” she told the live broadcast interested, explaining that Tunisia today is not a free state and she is looking for a new opportunity.


In any case, after being ‘unmasked’, the eleven Tunisians were taken to the hotspot located in Contrada Imbriacola, in an inland area of the Sicilian coast, together with the other recently landed migrants.

As mentioned, the photo of the woman holding a poodle on a leash has gone around the web and has been seen by many with irony or as the symbol of a new wave of arrivals and which sees the protagonists look for every expedient, even the one inside grosser appearance, to put an end to their odyssey at sea consumed between dinghies or improvised small boats.

As not only the men of the Coast Guard explained but also those of the Guardia di Finanza (who collaborate in the management of migratory flows on Lampedusa), it is easier to arrive from the Tunisian coast than from Libya and often sea voyages “do not even make it necessary our rescues”, a man from the Coast Guard explained to “Corriere”.

In short, beyond the curious element of the poodle that was supposed to mislead the police, the small vessel would still have landed easily in Sicily as is happening to other very small boats in these hours.

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