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Registrations open for the Sahara rally racing cup 2020

Registration open for the rally competition in the Sahara Desert. Revived for the second time after last year's success. The all-Italian idea

After last year’s magnificent experience, the Sahara rally racing cup is being re-proposed in Tunisia. Registrations are finally open, which will see the drivers of the rally cars engaged, from 29 March to 5 April 2020. The competition, as can also be seen in the title, will take place in the Tunisian Sahara Desert.

After the success of last spring, the idea of Federico Didonè and his staff, this stage has been revived for the second time in both history for all fans of this beautiful sport.

Specifically, it is called an “atypical experimental orientation” race in which we have to navigate, this is the technical term used, and find the pre-established points and reach the finish line by overcoming them all.

The race gives competitors the opportunity to challenge each other for the rankings and also gives them the opportunity to enjoy an unrepeatable experience in the Sahara desert, crossing Tunisia. The “Sahara Racing Cup 2020” is a race for fun with tests of ability and orientation at an amateur level, with both dirt and sandy routes obviously.

The route will be carried out above all in the part of Douz, in the south of Tunisia. The race will evolve over six stages made with increasing difficulty and very different from each other.

Sahara Racing Cup 2020 – The competition calendar

  • Saturday – Departure from the Italian ports which are: Genoa, Civitavecchia, Salerno, Palermo and Marseilles.
  • Sunday – Arrival in Tunis and transfer to Hammamet where scrutineering will take place. Afterwards there will be the welcome dinner with the initial presentation. Finally, there will also be a first aid course and an explanation of the regulation for all participants.
  • Monday – At 07.30 departure for the first round of the SRC2020. It will be done on the beach of Hammamet with some exciting steps by the sea and others on the edge of a salt lake which are further inland. Immediately after the test, there will be the possibility to do a quick check of the car and a refueling and then continue towards Douz. The arrival in this city is expected at sunset. As soon as you arrive in Douz, you will check into the hotel. Then we will prepare for the dinner and the briefing for the explanation of the following day.
  • Tuesday – This is the first real day of competition. We will face the mountains and slopes of the Matmata part and we will find a route with a fast track, alternating with stony areas. A conservative strategy will certainly be the best tactic. After facing the mountains we will start to get familiar with the sand. We will cross an area with low and compact dunes to reach the camp that will be set up in Bir Soltane.
  • Wednesday – Baptism of the sand. The third day’s route will be characterized by sand and fast tracks with rapid changes in terrain and skill tests that will put your driving skills to the test. We don’t want to reveal too much about these days and we leave you with the enthusiasm of the adventure. The camp will be set up at ksar ghilane in the famous oasis where there are pools of hot water where it is also possible to swim.
  • Things get serious and the sand will be the protagonist. As soon as we leave from ksar ghilane we will head south into the Sahara desert, today’s test will be very demanding and divided into 2 sections, one during the day where we will reach the zmela labrissa camp and one at sunset at night where we will set up a circular route where orientation skills will be essential to reach the various checkpoints.
  • Friday – In the morning departure for Douz where we will face some dune cords and have the opportunity to try what you have learned during the previous days. After the cordons there will be a good deal of navigation.
  • Saturday – Return to Hammamet scheduled for sunset and in the evening there will be a closing dinner with acknowledgments.
  • Sunday – Departure to Tunis for embarkation to Italy.
  • Monday – Return to Italy


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