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Health Insurance for Tunisia, for a Worry-Free Trip

One never hopes for it, but something can always go wrong during a trip. That’s why, especially when outside the European Union, it’s wise to take out travel insurance. As far as Tunisia is concerned, there aren’t significant health risks, but it’s always possible to get sick or need medical care, while problems at the airport are always around the corner… anyone said lost luggage or canceled flights?

Coverage of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance primarily offers medical coverage for issues of any severity: from minor problems to serious ones that may even require urgent repatriation to Italy. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider the coverage limit: while a lower limit means cheaper prices, it’s often worth questioning whether it’s right to save and then potentially have to cover part of the expenses yourself.

Typically, in addition to medical expenses and repatriation costs, travel insurance also includes benefits such as direct payment in case of hospitalization, and conveniences such as 24/7 phone assistance and on-site interpreter, legal expenses, and civil liability. Pay close attention to the coverage limit for civil liability, as it can vary by hundreds of thousands of euros from one company to another.

At the same time, travel insurance can also provide additional advantages: with a small extra fee, you can insure against lost luggage and flight cancellations. All these inconveniences can completely ruin a vacation, so evaluate carefully and find the solution that best suits you.

The 3 Best Health Insurances in Tunisia

Viaggisicuri is a portal that guarantees excellent insurance policies for its clients. Viaggisicuri specializes in the sale of travel insurance at extremely competitive prices. The main goal is to satisfy customers by offering them not only high-quality assistance but also easy purchase processes for their insurance policies.

By selling insurance, Viaggisicuri offers great reassurance to its clients, who can travel with the knowledge of being protected from all angles. Clients who have used Viaggisicuri’s services have expressed fully positive opinions. To travel safely, rely on the experts in the field and enjoy your vacation without any worries.

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Ergo Assicurazioni

Ergo (formerly ERV Italia) is an insurance company, with a related e-commerce site, specializing in providing travel insurance services and assistance. It offers customized insurance policies and packages that adapt to the tourist’s needs. Premiums can be purchased directly online through the ERV Italia website.

Here you can choose the product class, services, and coverage limits that best suit your needs. Ergo operates in more than 26 countries worldwide with 160,000 assistance cases managed in recent years and more than 1,200 employees. The company’s website offers three types of products: Travel Insurance, Sports, and Special.

Columbus Direct

Columbus Direct has been active since 1988 and is an insurance company specializing in travel policies: it offers online and telephone policies in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Columbus provides an insurance service among the best on the market with quality, reliability, and precise and timely assistance available 24 hours a day, maintaining an absolutely competitive price.

Columbus Direct insurance policies, except “Cancellation” and “In-flight Accidents”, also include coverage for over 50 sports activities.

Columbus offers specific insurance policies for those who love adventurous or backpacking trips, whether traveling alone, with a small or large group.

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How to Handle a Trip to Tunisia

As mentioned, the health situation in Tunisia is good: the healthcare is of a good standard, and hospitals and clinics in Tunis are adequate, while moving away from big cities and tourist areas, the situation slightly worsens. Nonetheless, private clinics have very high standards, and the costs are really affordable compared to European ones.

There are no particular disease problems, and the only mandatory vaccine is for yellow fever, but it’s always good to follow some precautions to avoid the most common illness when traveling here: traveler’s diarrhea. It doesn’t have serious consequences, other than making you lose a day or two of your vacation, but if the situation gets worse, it could really ruin it. Therefore, don’t take risks and follow some simple recommendations, the first being to drink only bottled water. Remember that tap water is also used to wash fruits and vegetables, so it’s important to avoid eating raw vegetables as much as possible, and at the same time, peel fruits before eating them. For brushing your teeth, it’s also advisable to use bottled water instead of tap water. Finally, an invisible but ever-present enemy is ice: it’s also made with tap water, so if you order a cocktail or a drink, get it without ice, or remove it as soon as it’s served.


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